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Who we Are:

A baller business consulting company led by our fearless guru Chelsea Breliant.  The 'we' derives from the freelance network of specialized experts at her disposal. (Free tip 1: 'we' is always preferable to 'I' from a marketing mentality.) There was a time many moons ago that we would have said our specialty is health, fitness and luxury hospitality.  Today our expertise is limitless thanks to many of the same techniques we implement for our clients.


We are always evolving as new tech and social trends emerge and we believe our clients should be afforded the same opportunities. That is why we focus on defining your brand identity as a lifestyle so that your company can grow with the specialized movement it has created.  



Who You Are:

A brand, company, or individual that needs more than just a fresh perspective.  You have an urgent desire to bring the full potential of your business to actualization.



How it works:

Our model works best under contract opportunities where we can give you the tools necessary for world domination and teach your team how to implement them.  But that's not to say we won't entertain staying on board for event planning, social media growth, blogging, company kumbaya retreats in Hawaii... we're flexible.  Every business presents a unique challenge and our involvement varies greatly from client to client.  Once we receive your inquiry, a call will be scheduled to understand the breadth of work.  Soon after, you can expect a proposal outlining the scope of work and a price quote.  We encourage you to shop around before enlisting our services, we feel pretty confident you'll end up with us and singing our highest praises afterward. (Free tip 2: Demonstrating confidence in your product is king.)  ...And that's how our business has grown, strictly by referrals.



Speaking of past clients...

We're the behind the scenes masterminds and we like to keep it that way.  However, we're happy to share our lengthy list of grateful clients & references with you upon request. 

Lets Talk Shop

Shall We?

Growth Hacking & Consulting

It is not wizardry, but rather a thinking in, out, and around of the box mentality.  


Maybe you need to be more than a brand, but rather a lifestyle.  Maybe you need to start a movement? Maybe your website tone isn't speaking to the appropriate demographic.  Maybe the graphics on your packaging are bland.  Maybe your social media is screaming generic. Maybe you just don't understand why being an amazing product/company/service/person isn't enough to capture your market. Whatever it may be, we are experienced in analyzing the whole picture to identify the particulars that are hindering your success. Yes we provide practical solutions and comprehensive growth hacking plans, but we also train you and your staff on how to implement our strategies.  


We believe in fruition. We will stay on board until you are brimming with satisfaction for employing our services.  


Reach out to schedule a call or meeting... that is, if you're interested in building an empire instead of a brand.


Millenial Marketing Guru at yo' service.  Hire us to shake things up and offer innovative and cutting edge marketing strategies that will bring you from brand to lifestyle, from business to movement, from limited to infinite. 


I don't care if you're a catheter company or a bitcoin trading space... content is so much more than just information.  Look how differently I could have said that if I didn't want to be your trusted friend, but rather an authority on content: The complex manner in which explicit words are strung together serves dual purposes when engaging your specified audience. The first, to inform and educate.  The second to resonate and connect on a subconscious level, encouraging a desire for further engagement from your reader. 


The words on your page, your social sites, your packaging, your advertisements... it converses in an aura completely unique to your brand.  You bring life to your company by the tone and manner in which you communicate.


Website content creation or refining, blogging, newsletters, advertisement, packaging, your wife's belated birthday card...  we are here to help turn your musings into marketing.  



Social Media

Sorry, but social media isn't some wild west where you might just get lucky.  It is a calculated algorithm that needs to be nurtured ever so delicately.  For example.. no luxury swim line is going to follow everyone who follows them.  Talk about social (media) suicide.  But a hostel chain in South America?  You bet.  They're building a community more than a refined image.


The 'social' disorder #FOP (fear of posting, of course) is real.  When should you post? How often to post? Who should you tag? The hashtags?! #UGH. Geotag? Instagram story? Does Pinterest drive sales? Facebook ads?  Should I have a youtube channel?  Is youtube even considered social media? What kind of contest to run? Affiliates? Influencers? To unfollow or not to unfollow? Emojis?!


Social media can be down right exhausting without a definitive plan of action.  With a marketing strategy? It becomes, dare I say, fun!?  But really, watching your engagement double, then double again, and again, and again?  It really is a blast.  You should try it. 


Hint hint.

Influencers & Affiliates

We know people. And we know how to get your product in the right hands. 


We will assess the best approach for maximizing influencer, affiliate, and ambassador opportunities in order to elevate sales and increase brand recognition and market presence.

Event Planning

Thriving companies hold and sponsor events. But not just any events, specifically curated opportunities to aggrandize and solidify their presence as an industry leader.


We are affiliated with the biggest and baddest events company in the US.  Whether you want to tag along to a Coachella party as a sponsor or throw your own shindig on a yacht in Greece (I can dream, no?), I've got you covered for every single step of the way. 

The idea is maximum exposure, minimum bullshit.  I vow to make your event absolutely epic no matter the budget. 

Team Training

Hey, we're not saying your employees are slacking off, all we're suggesting is perhaps they haven't been Jedi mind trained in growth hacking genius, marketing mavericks, and social media slaying.  Ya know? It's not that they don't have it in them, we're just proposing that they could use a little guerilla training to shake them out of mediocracy. 


Video & Photo

My LA is showing... but I'm an on camera host. And not just, 'here we are at the local SM farmers market, let's talk to Dale the cabbage guy about this year's soil health' but Travel Channel, CBS, Weather Channel, LA Style Week, Realtor Videos, Health & Wellness Videos... and maybe your video? if you need it?  Or photography, because I'm basically a flat-lay genius. 


Just throwing it out there. Always available for camera work behind or in front of zee scenes.  Here's an acting website so outdated that it's now vintage with some of my work: 

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