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10 Steps to Increase Your Youtube Presence

I've been doing a lot of work with my friends over at lately, and I wanted to chat briefly about a recent video I made with them and why their Youtube growth hacking plan works.

This video has been gaining steady momentum since it was posted last month, and I want to explain why.

1. TITLE: **Youtube videos can be wildly successful if titled appropriately** The title specifics are what will drive viewers to your video. Ask yourself, what are the exact words someone would type if they wanted to reach this video? Now ask yourself again in the voice of a different viewer. And again. And again. One more time. Great - now title your video with the simplest and most direct words from that exercise. Don't be fancy or clever, those titles won't reach your broadest audience.

2. TAGS: **Equally important as the title!** Here is an opportunity for you to be more creative. After you've tagged all the obvious ones, start thinking outside of the box. Ask your network to help you generate a list, visit similar videos that have gone viral and copy their tags when appropriate, and experiment. Tags can always be added and replaced after the video is posted.

3. LENGTH: The shorter - and more concise - the better. Answer the question **Why** someone wants to watch your video. Is it just for laughs? Then keep it under 1 minute. Cooking? Under 3 minutes. How to or DIY?, under 5 minutes. And educational videos that require more than 7 minutes can be broken into two videos. (Which just happens to be a great marketing ploy to get subscribers and repeat viewers.) But always remember, the main prerogative for every type of video is : short & sweet.

4. CHANNEL PERSONALITY: Create symmetry in your videos to encourage viewers to subscribe. What are the common threads? Will it always be the same 'host'? Always be filmed in Los Angeles? Always feature heavy metal music at the opening? Whatever it is, let your brand personality shine in your videos.

5. CALL TO ACTION: If your video is intended to drive traffic to your site, then put the link in the description and also create a 'Call to Action' button in the beginning of the video - not the end. If the intention is just to increase youtube subscribers, ask them briefly to like your channel at the beginning of the video as well.

6. VERIFIED: It's important that you get your account verified at This will enable you to choose your own cover image for the videos - which is so important! It can really be the make or break for why your video gets views over a similar title and content. Pick an image that is bold, bright and engaging!

7. SOUND & LIGHTING: I know you know this... But sound and lighting are everything. A beauty ring goes a long way to create that flawless skin. Same can be said about a mic pack, especially if you plan on shooting in an uncontrolled environment.

8. EDITING: You don't need any special software more than imovie to create a clean and professional youtube video. Editing should mostly be cutting content down. For example: there's nothing more intriguing to millennials with short attention spans than a yoga how-to video for inversions or a smores cake tutorial that is speeded up in post editing. For color correction, brighter is always better. For sound, quieting the background noise is lovely when possible.

9. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: So Important. Not only should you be engaging with anyone who leaves a comment on your video, but you should also be leaving comments and subscribing to other users. Spend a few minutes every day being acting in the youtube community and you will be amazed at the reciprocation on your own channel.

10. PICK YOUR NICHE: There's a lot of videos out there to sift through... so if you're planning on creating a platform for makeup tutorials, you've got to think of something to set yourself apart. Maybe you're the specialist for girls with freckles... or you only use a certain product line. Or your videos are filmed with your boyfriend applying your makeup while you explain what he's doing. If you can harness your niche to fill a void in the youtube sphere, you'll be able to start picking up traction right from the very first video post.

Oh and I almost forgot.. TALENT: Hire a cute host. Preferably one named Chelsea, whose contact info just happens to be accessible from the upper right corner of this screen. Really though, if you're going to have a host in your video: relatable to your audience is your #1 priority. Articulate and engaging are close seconds.

Hope you learned a thing or two about navigating the wonderful world wide web of youtube videos. Feel free to reach out with any specific questions. The Growth Hacking Gangstas are always on deck to answer all of yo' business needs.

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